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We provide you with flexible office spaces that meet your requirements.

Create a PowerfulFirst Impression

First impressions are vital when meeting clients or investors. It helps you gain trust, whether you are closing a deal or selling a new product or service. Successful client meetings contribute to growing your revenue and achieving your business goals.

Your knowledge and expertise in your industry is one factor that helps you convince your clients. The place where you meet them plays a significant role, as well. You can hold your meetings almost anywhere, but certain factors might disrupt your discussion with an important client.

It is essential to find a room that has everything, from complete amenities to professional support, allowing you or your team to facilitate polished meetings or presentations.

Furnished Office Spaces with Reliable Staff

Quest Workspaces offers furnished office spaces for lease in Miami for organizations of different sizes and stage of growth. Since we started in 2010, we have worked with numerous multinational companies and local startups.

Impress your clients and investors with our functional and affordable meeting rooms. Each of our offices features an upscale design that suits your business needs and fits your image. Our offices include:

  • Boardrooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Private Offices

We also provide online reservation access, reservation by the hour or the day, and accommodation for up to 20 people. You also get to enjoy multiple perks, such as:

  • LCD screens
  • Web conferencing
  • Free WiFi
  • Conference phones
  • Whiteboards
  • Onsite conference management and tech support
  • Catering services
  • Freshly brewed coffee

At Quest Workspaces, our friendly and attentive staff can assist you with your office needs. In addition, you will have access to a community of Questers who share the same passion as you do.

Affordable Meeting Rooms for Your Business Affairs

Quest Workspaces meeting rooms are available for bookings by the hour or the day. We also have room packages that allow you to save up to 50 percent. Renting an office space by the hour or the day is more affordable because you only have to pay for the time you need the space.

In addition, this system frees you from maintenance obligations. Our team takes the responsibility of keeping your office clean and maintaining all the equipment so that they function efficiently at all times.

Since our office spaces are furnished and equipped with the technology you need, you can create or maintain a professional image to your clients and investors without affecting your bottom line.

Quest Workspaces supports companies of all sizes and stages of growth with flexible, all-inclusive offices and innovative programs. From on-demand worskpaces to reliable meeting rooms in Miami, we provide your home-based venture or small company the opportunity to do business, even without a startup capital.

Let us help you close that deal. Contact us for a free trial day.

20+ Meeting rooms for any size meeting

Inspired Spaces to Meet

Quest Workspaces meeting rooms are designed to impress, from the moment you enter our stylish reception areas and are escorted to your conference. We bring people together, creating impactful first impressions and memorable meetings. You focus on your meeting – create, inspire or present – while Quest Workspaces provides hospitality, technology, and seamless execution.

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  • meeting-room-testimonialAnthony Hussain

    I have been a Quester since 2010 and have enjoyed working here every day. In today's corporate world and in my line of corporate finance, meeting with business and people are essential. The Quest platform provides such an environment with spectacular meeting rooms. Businesses of any size should consider a Quest office!
  • miami conference roomLorraine Mapplethorpe

    This is one of my go-to places for conducting my mediations. The office is always clean and the staff is so accommodating. I use the conference rooms at least once a month and never have a problem with scheduling either. I highly recommend Quest for your important meetings.
  • CEO of a small companyDavid Boston

    I was on what seemed a never ending mission to find a PERFECT virtual plan with great meeting rooms for my business - until the day I found Quest Workspaces! The service and hospitality I received was something I fell in love with. The staff from the center is super friendly and always attentive. No more Starbucks meetings! The virtual office plans they offer are all very good and they go the extra mile for you. I recommend them for any start-up company.
  • Meeting Room Testimonial - Jerly LopezJerly Lopez

    I use the conference rooms from time to time and the girls at the reception desk are always great and attentive. They always greet my clients very professionally and make us feel as if I actually had a permanent office in the building. I will continue to user their services. If you have not become part of the Quest team, I suggest you do!
  • David Buchalter - Testimonials - Meeting RoomsDavid Buchalter

    Cookies. Bagels. Wine Thursdays. Awesome meeting rooms. All with the purpose of connecting Questers. The staff is top notch, the offices are great and there's always room to grow your company. #awesomeplacetowork
  • Meeting Room Testimonial - Cato FelanCato Felan

    I have been using the Quest Workspaces since 2010 when they opened their Brickell office. Now, I utilize their virtual offices. They provide me great flexibility in working in an office when I need it as my client interactions take me all over South Florida.